I completed 2 year foundation course in retail display and design which I graduated with distinction followed by a 2 year part time program in print making. I was accepted into the 2nd of a 4 year degree course in graphics with an emphasis on 3 dimensional design and photography in my home town of Dublin, Ireland.

My Passions: A DAY IN THE LIFE!!!! A moment in time. Carpe Diem!!

My Passions: A DAY IN THE LIFE!!!! A moment in time. Carpe Diem!!


I love what I do. I feel a passion for people and life and being creative is contagious. I want my clients to feel completely at ease in the limited time we have and for it to be fun and rewarding. I get to capture moments as they unfold. I want to tell a story and forge a connection that is unforgettable.


I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the smallest detail to the emotions that surround me. I want to capture that sensitivity and artistry. I pride myself in finding a connection with my client especially at a special event or family get together. I like to see and discuss the event so we are all on the same page; where the photos will take place and a timeline so there is no worries on my clients part. It’s important to meet and get a feel for want the clients needs and expectations are. In the case of a wedding where I am booked for the entire day I provide a free portrait session so that we can get comfortable with each other. There’s no pressure and we can have fun. Like a practice for the ‘big day’.


I am guided by my heart. Smiles, touch, exchanges ‘fill me’ like nothing else. It’s always new and different and exciting. There’s nothing more thrilling than capturing a ‘real’ and spontaneous moment. You feel special to be an unobtrusive part of it. More than anything I feel grateful for the opportunity and the magic. People fascinate me.


My thought is to create something that is timeless. An image that inspires more emotion every time you revisit it.


Photography makes me happy. I love to be able to capture people’s most treasured moments so they can relive them forever. I am obsessed with capturing everything.

Traditional, Modern, Fun, New, photojournalist, whatever style you are looking for I have worked with and would love to apply to your event. My ultimate goal is for you to feel you were lucky enough for your best friend to be photographing your special event. I look forward to photographing your next moment in time!



A photographer told me recently that I am ‘pure joy’. What an incredible compliment to receive from one of my peers. It makes me both proud and humble at the same time. I enjoy capturing the joy in others. The beauty of emotion and of life!